Our Professional Staff

Jacqui Theisen, M.S., NCC, LPCC

Registered Circle of Security® Facilitator

Jacqui received her Bachelors degree in Corrections from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and her Masters degree in mental health counseling from Walden University. Jacqui has experience working with individuals, groups, and families using a cognitive behavioral therapy approach. Jacqui has a background working in-home with clients, teaching coping skills to manage symptoms caused by diagnoses. Jacqui is a certified CBT Therapist and prefers to use a cognitive-behavioral approach with clients, focused on reframing their current thinking in order to cope with their diagnoses and learn proper coping skills. Negative thoughts will be challenged in sessions and a more positive way of living will be taught while examining the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Jacqui is a MNBBHT (Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy-approved supervisor, which allows her to provide supervision of licensed-bound mental health professionals. Jacqui enjoys providing supervision to her supervisees either on the individual or group levels. She has experience working with supervisees who are on track to obtain their LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) status.
Jacqui is currently not accepting new clients.
*Check with your board to determine if Jacqui's licensures (NCC, LPCC) are adequate for your board supervision requirements.

Location: Hutchinson, MN & Buffalo, MN

Lizzie Slater, M.A.

Virtual Only

Lizzie earned Bachelor's Degrees in Dance and Elementary Education from the University of Iowa. She has worked for the last 10 years as an Elementary School teacher, primarily teaching First Grade. She will complete her masters degree in Counseling and Psychology at Saint Mary's University in December 2023. Lizzie is interested in working with individuals who are seeking out ways to make their lives better and more meaningful within the therapy setting. She believes that all people have the capacity to grow and change, and she is very excited to help clients make positive growth in their lives. Lizzie is especially interested in working with children and families. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, trying to be active in her yoga practice, fostering dogs, and traveling as often as possible! .

Lizzie works with individuals ages 6 and up, as well as couples and families.

Location: Buffalo, MN & Virtual

Hailey Farrell, Professional Counselor Intern

Hailey is a psychotherapy intern with us while she completes her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Hailey has experience working with us as an ARMHS/CTSS Mental Health Practitioner where she worked one-on-one with her clients teaching them coping skills to manage their symptoms. Hailey enjoys working with individuals of all ages, races and genders in a nonjudgemental environment. Hailey prefers utilizing theoretical concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to assist individuals with a wide variety of mental health disorders. She takes a particular interest in working with those who have Eating Disorders/Body Dysmorphia, Suicidal Ideations, Self-Harming behaviors, and teaching individuals to love themselves for who they truly are! Hailey's goal during sessions is to assist individuals in developing the skills that will allow them to live their lives to the fullest and learn to love themselves for who they are!

Hailey works with individuals ages 6 and up, as well as couples and families..

Location: Hutchinson, MN

Johanna Schultz, M.A.

Johanna received her Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from St. Cloud State University and her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, with a community mental health focus, from the University of Minnesota. She has experience and enjoys working with individuals across the lifespan. Johanna believes in the inherent value, purpose, and dignity of each person and that through therapy, individuals can develop or re-establish this believe about themselves. She is here to actively and non-judgmentally listen to your story and work collaboratively to build upon internal strengths and reaching your goals. Her desire is to create a space that is safe and supportive where you feel comfortable expressing yourself, your concerns, and aspirations. Johanna integrates a humanistic perspective with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills into her approach and will incorporate nature, movement, mindfulness, and spiritually into therapy with your desire and consent.

Johanna works with individuals ages 13 and up, as well as couples.

Location: Buffalo, MN

Casey Burns, M.A.

Casey received his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He briefly attended one semester of Catholic seminary before working in various healthcare roles at the Mayo Clinic campuses in Florida and Minnesota. During these 5 years, Casey supported programs within residential treatment for mood disorders, nuclear medicine research, and transplant coordination. He received his Master's degree from Saint Mary's University in Counseling and Psychological Services. Casey enjoys using Christian-based, behavioral, somatic, and solution-focused modalities within a psychotherapy setting. He is passionate about helping clients, especially teenagers, resolve struggles related to borderline personality, oppositional defiant, and conduct disorders, among others. Casey's most recent hobbies include running, target shooting, listening to classical music, hiking, and growing orchids. He also enjoys rewatching the John Wick film series and staying connected with his family and friends in Florida.

Casey works with individuals ages 6 and up, as well as families.

Location: Buffalo, MN


Kelly Hildre, MSW, LICSW

Registered Circle of Security® Facilitator

Kelly has a decade of experience working in Mental Health and Social Services in a variety of settings. She received her Bachelor of Social Work from St. Cloud State University and her Master of Social Work with specification in Multicultural Clinical Social Work from Augsburg University. She enjoys working with adolescents and adults of all backgrounds, though she specializes in the treatment of developmental and generational trauma with a focus on Neuropsychology. A Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Kelly incorporates evidence-based knowledge and techniques from a variety of approaches such as brain spotting, internal family systems, biofeedback, polyvagal, psychodynamic, trauma focused cognitive behavioral and experiential. A self-proclaimed "outside the box" therapist, Kelly believes that the most effective therapy is one that is shaped and constructed to fit the person in the room and their unique perspectives and experiences in life. Kelly believes in creating a safe, comfortable environment that allows her clients to be whatever version of themselves they need to be in order to heal.

Kelly works with individuals ages 12 and up.

Location: Buffalo, MN

Stephanie Van Beek, M.S., CMHC

Stephanie believes that everyone has the power within themselves to experience well-being. In the therapeutic relationship, Stephanie likes to think of herself as your GPS; she provides directions and different routes to help get you where you want to go, and you get to decide whether to follow these directions or take your own route. Either way, she'll still be there supporting your journey.
Therapy is not a "one size fits all," so she likes to implement an integrative approach and draw from multiple different evidence-based theories. Stephanie specializes in anxiety and trauma and utilizes somatic, cognitive, and behavioral approaches with her clients. She regularly implement IFS, mindfulness-based, and cognitive behavioral interventions.
"Life has many different routes to get you where you want to go. If you're looking for help trying to find the right path, I'd love to be part of your navigation system."

Angie Rudningen, LICSW

Angie received her bachelor's degree in social work from Minnesota State University, Moorhead in 2004. Angie worked as a Mental Health Practitioner in Youth Day Treatment and Youth Partial Hospitalization Programs, and then as an in-home worker with children and families. Angie became a Program Director for a Corporate Foster Home company for adults with mental health and development disabilities. At the same company, she worked towards her master's degree in social work while developing and then supervising a CTSS and ARMHS programs. Angie graduated with her MSW from the University of New England in 2013. Angie then became a Clinical Social Worker for Hospice and the Clinical Supervisor for both the Children's and Adult's Mental Health Programs in which she conducted play therapy, sand tray therapy, and various types of talk-therapy.

During her free time, Angie enjoys water sports, outdoor winter activities, trail running, strength training, watching her boys play sports, and spending time with family and friends.

In her career, Angie is passionate about meeting individuals where they are at and helping them become the best version of themselves through self-actualization and healing by utilizing evidence-based techniques from a variety of approaches because psychotherapy is not "one size fits all."

Angie works with teenagers, adults, and families to help resolve struggles related to mental illness, grief, and life-changing events-including those affected by cancer.

Location: Hutchinson, MN & Virtual

Kendra Rinn, Professional Counselor Intern

Kendra completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University and is completing the Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counselor program at Walden University. Kendra has experience working with children, teenagers, adults, and seniors in a variety of settings. Kendra believes that people are inherently able to overcome great challenges, and learning the right tools and support are essential to their health and wellness. Kendra considers that the therapeutic relationship should be built using empathy, trust, and mutual respect, and believes that the best approach is that of individualized interventions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Kendra enjoys working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Kendra is especially passionate about helping LGBTQIA2S+ individuals and their families.

In her free time, Kendra's hobbies include hanging out or hiking with her family, painting, reading, and practicing her tattooing skills, all while listening to music. She also enjoys attending music concerts and camping trips.

Kendra works with individuals 6 and up, as well as couples and families.

Location: Hutchinson, MN

Misty Eystad, Professional Counselor Intern

Misty is a masters-level social work intern. She is working as an ARMHS and CTSS worker while she works her way through her graduate school social work program. Misty has over 20 years of experience in the mental health and social services field. Misty will be transitioning to her clinical internship in August of 2024, when she will start seeing individuals in office for therapy.

Location: Hutchinson, MN

Chelsey Barragan, Professional Counselor Intern

Chelsey is a counseling intern, joining us while she completes her master's degree in Clinical Mental health Counseling from Adler Graduate School. Chelsey served as an Army medic and has been working in healthcare since 2015. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Chelsey believes in providing a safe and supportive environment where clients can express who they are, process what they are going through, and work together to improve their overall quality of life.

In her free time, Chelsey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and playing with her dogs, cats, and horses. She also enjoys many creative pursuits as well as reading.

Mental Health Practitioners

Ashley Hall, B.S.

Ashley received her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Child Development and Family Studies at Minnesota State, Mankato. Ashley is passionate about utilizing a relationship-based practice and person-centered approach. She has experience with all ages. She strives to create a safe, trusting environment to help all individuals find purpose, hope, and success. Ashley currently runs the adult social skills group, held on Thursdays. During her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her kids, traveling, and making crafts.

Kendra Newcombe, A.S.

Kendra is working towards her Master's Degree in social work, with a focus on trauma. She works as a CTSS/ARMHS worker with us providing in-home coping skills to her clients. Kendra works with ages 6 and up.

Dave Jorgensen, M.S.

Dave has over 20 years of mental health experience, particularly children's mental health. Dave works 1:1 with teens and adults providing in-home mental health coping skills. He is also hosting ARMHS and CTSS groups at the Hutchinson office. For the most recent information on the groups currently being offered, click on the "Groups" tab.

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