Circle of Security Parenting

What is Circle of Security?

The Circle of Security is a visual map of attachment between caregivers and their children. Learning to apply the Circle to children will help caregivers shift the focus away from trying to change undesirable behaviors with rewards and punishment to seeing behavior as communication of a need on the Circle and changing the behavior by meeting the need. Soon enough, caregivers will be able to explore new ways to respond sensitively to children
s cues and even gain insight regarding ways to manage their own struggles around certain attachment needs. In sum, the COSP
program offers caregivers new ways to understand the children in their care and new ways to understand how to meet those children
s attachment needs which, in turn, leads to carers with a more confident presence and children who are more cooperative and compliant.

Our very own Jacqui Theisen and Kelly Hildre are now Registered Circle of Security Facilitators!