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Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) is based on the idea that emotions are a major part of who we are. Since emotions are a core part of our identity, EFT prioritizes emotional regulation and expression as key to our interactions with others and our human experience. This model of therapy is often used in couples counseling and family counseling, but it can also be helpful for individuals.

If you'd like to try emotion-focused therapy, book an appointment at Serenity Mental Health Services in Hutchinson, MN. Your therapist will help you improve your relationships with your friends, family and partner by developing healthier, more secure bonds.

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Concepts you'll explore in EFT

EFT is a cutting-edge therapy model that allows patients to explore…

  • Where emotions come from
  • How emotions are important to human functioning
  • Why your emotions cause certain thoughts and behaviors

You’ll learn how to label and accept your emotions, along with how to keep your emotions from causing negative, unhelpful interactions. Contact us today to speak with a therapist about our EFT services. We’re accepting new patients from Hutchinson, MN and the surrounding McLeod County area.

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