Play Therapy Is a Great Option for Many Children

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Children see the world and respond to it differently than adults do. That's why the same therapy techniques that can help adults don't work as well on children. At Serenity Mental Health Services, we provide play therapy for children in Hutchinson, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.

This technique is specifically developed to suit multiple developmental stages of children. Your son or daughter may feel as though they're simply playing. Meanwhile, our therapists are helping them process their feelings. Ask us any questions about play therapy now. We're happy to provide advice.

Is play therapy a good idea for your child?

Play therapy is recommended by experts as an effective way to help children work through complex emotions. It's known to help them feel heard and seen and has even led to improved behavior in school and a reduction in anxiety for some patients.

Our licensed team of therapists can help you determine whether or not this technique is right for your son or daughter. Meet with our owner or one of our team members today.

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