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Start occupational therapy in Hutchinson, Monticello, Wright & McLeod County, MN

Do you have an illness or injury that makes it hard to get through the day? You can learn how to adapt and thrive in your specific situation when you get occupational therapy from Serenity Mental Health Services in Hutchinson, Monticello, Wright & McLeod County, MN.

We employ a team of skilled, experienced and licensed therapists that will create a personalized plan for you. Talk to one of our therapists today to learn more about occupational therapy.

How can occupational therapy help?

If you've never experienced occupational therapy before, you may not know what to expect. Our therapist will discuss your goals and create a plan to help you accomplish things like:

  • Completing office work
  • Eating without assistance
  • Cleaning the house
  • Getting dressed
We'll also discuss your progress over time and adjust your plan as needed. Schedule an appointment right away to get started.

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