Learn How to Cope With Stress With DBT

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Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) seeks to provide patients with coping skills that allow them to manage stress and reduce conflict in their relationships. This form of therapy can be helpful for those suffering from PTSD, BPD, suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

Serenity Mental Health Services offers dialectical behavioral therapy at our office in Hutchinson and Monticello, MN. You'll work with a therapist who will customize their approach to your specific needs.

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What will you learn in DBT?

Dialectical behavioral therapy has four main goals, which are to help you:

  1. Learn how to tolerate intense or unpleasant emotions, such as anger
  2. Become more mindful to help you stay calm in challenging situations
  3. Recognize, label and adjust your emotions when necessary
  4. Express your needs and boundaries assertively and navigate conflict

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